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All major credit cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diner's Club, JCB

Merchant services go far beyond normal payment processing. Merchantx offers all aspects found in the best merchant services options, including fraud and chargeback prevention, reporting systems, gift cards, loyalty programs, and many more to help you reach more customers. Use the form to the right to get started today.



Access and Reporting

  • Manage and review transactions, batches, monthly statements, and much more through one central location
  • Quickbooks integrated
  • Real time data for fraud and chargeback reporting and prevention



Support in the business

  • Assigned service reps who pick up the phone immediately when you call
  • Chat and email support in real time
  • Support team can assist with multiple accounts from one location if needed



Recurring or Subscription Billing

  • Bill recurring customers without storing their payment information or asking for it each time you run a charge.
  • Automated solutions for fixed online subscriptions.
  • Dynamic descriptor functionality for different products on 1 merchant account



Card Not Present? No problem

  • Merchantx excels in all forms of MOTO and Ecommerce. High risk, low risk, no problem merchantx can help

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