Tune out all of the hype and background noise, we want you to put us to the test. Our approach is simple; we want you to expect more from MerchantX than anyone else. From having long-standing relationships with more than 30 domestic and international banking options to find the perfect fit for your business, to preventing unnecessary chargebacks with the help of our partner companies who intercept them before they hit your MerchantX account, we are confident that we can provide the best long-term processing options for every merchant’s unique needs. Best of all, we make sure that getting started with us is simple!



Tell us a bit about your business. We understand that no two businesses are exactly the same, so why should you be treated like everyone else? MerchantX is different. We believe that when working with our clients, only a consultative-partnership approach will ensure that we can provide the best long-term processing options for each merchant’s unique needs.


Once we determine the best banking options for your business, we work with you to complete the application process from start to finish. To ensure that the process is as quick and convenient as possible, we can complete applications through our online application portal, traditional pen and paper, or over the phone.


Once your applications are submitted, our underwriting staff immediately goes to work for you! Our proactive approach helps to eliminate as much of the back and forth as possible during the approval process. Same-day approvals are not uncommon for low-risk businesses, and in as little as 48 hours for high-risk businesses.


Once approved, you are live and ready to process! We take each client’s performance and satisfaction personally. Our team provides on-demand, proactive support for all of your merchant accounts. We are partnered in your success, and will ensure that your accounts are running at optimal performance levels at all times.